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President's note
Domenic DiGironimo President of WBHF.

Grass Roots

The basic fundamentals of hockey:  shooting, passing, and stick handling, are the most easily learned with a stick and a ball in running shoes.

Ball hockey introduces these fundamentals at the grass roots level in a way that is easy to grasp, as inexpensive as possible, and playable anywhere, at anytime.

Anyone can play.  No skating skills are required, notice nor inline, and this makes it more enjoyable for a child first learning the game of hockey, by quickly boosting their self esteem, and confidence in the sport.

Ball hockey can train referees, coaches, and volunteers in a simple environment, with little or no stress.

It is also an ideal way to expose parents to the sport of hockey for the first time, without costly commitments for equipment, skating lessons, and long travel to ice hockey arenas where they are few and far between.

Ball hockey provides economic support to equipment manufacturers and to ice arenas by utilizing floor times during the summer season, with programs for children, women, and men.

One of the greatest challenges facing emerging hockey nations is the training of athletes where there are few arenas, and where the ice seasons are very short.

People love to play hockey, and ball hockey is the easiest way to start

History & Future

The sport is enjoyed by millions around the world, wherever a stick and ball can be used.

It has found its place as an organized competition firstly in Canada and the USA during the early 1970’s, with national championships contested by 1977.

In Europe, Czechoslovakia began its love for ball hokejbal in the early 1980’s.  Teams from Czechia and Slovakia visited tournaments in Canada within 10 years and then was born international competition.

Various multi-nation championships have been held since 1996, first hosted in Bratislava, Slovakia through the great efforts of European pioneer Jaroslav Melisek.

The World Ball Hockey Federation has arisen in 2012 to bring this global sport into the future with a common commitment to its development, fair competition and integrity.

Legendary North American developers of the sport, Domenic Di Gironimo (CAN) and Chris Housser (USA), join Melisek (SVK) to form the foundation of a WBHF that already boasts more than 30 member nations dedicated to the promotion of ball hockey, its global development and the hosting of world-class events.


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