Súpiska USA ešte nieje kompletná :


FBobby Housser                 22
fKorey Wilson72
fTyler Caba19
fBrandon Jones13
fAndrew Weatherby28
fCory Fredrikson81
FTaylor Fletcher     4
F/DKyle Chumsae99
F/DPat Brennan11
d/fJohn Picard   92
DTom Vagner10
d  Anquan Smith65
DNick Dellehiaie88
dMark Kiesel90
dKenny Patrone12
DTaylor Fulmer53
GDavid White1
GMichael Miksitz97
 GM  Chris Housser  
CoachJohn Stamas 

Anyone Can Play!

It looks like fun. Everyone’s having a great time. But there you are, sitting in the stands…again.

Are you tired of always being the spectator, but never the athlete?

Here’s great news! Dekhockey is for everyone! From age 5 to 60 years (plus), it’s the perfect game!

Anyone can play … and have fun doing it!

Never played before? No problem. Whether you’re a beginning novice, a champion or any level in between, it really doesn’t matter. Dekhockey is truly the sport where everyone can participate and enjoy every minute.

No limits! It doesn’t matter where you live. With Dekhockey, no one is ever limited by location, season or weather. This year round, in-door/out-door sport is ideal for all ages in all locales.

The US DekHockey Federation was born from one man’s desire to share his love of hockey with everyone.

Today, our mission is to continue to introduce not only the United States, but the entire world, to the excitement of Dekhockey!

Come on! What do you say? Grab a stick and join us on the rink!


The USA Teams total six, one from each of the following classifications:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Masters (40 yrs+)
  • U20 (under 20)
  • U18 (under 18)
  • U16 (under 16)


Each team consists of 20 players (plus an optional number of alternates), a head coach, assistant coaches, a trainer and general manager.

A player commitment and fee are required of each athlete. Advice and guidance for personal fundraising is available, upon request.

The Federation provides each athlete with 2 uniforms and an equipment bag.


The process of selection is through 3 try-out tournaments. USA Team coaches attend these tournaments, scouting out the top players for their teams.

Each athlete plays with his/her team. This reveals how they perform in a game and under stress.

Athletes must try out for the team, every 2 years. The competition classifications are on a rotation basis, with the Men and Women competing in 2015, the Masters in the Fall of 2014 and U20, U18, U16 competing in the summer of 2014.


The athletes train with their teams on an ongoing basis as they compete in their local leagues.


Members of the team will meet in one central location and then travel together to the competition.
While each team (and family) member is responsible for his/her airfare, the Federation is currently pursuing the option of chartering the airline, to better accommodate the team and their families.


The USA Teams compete internationally. The tournaments are held in major cities around the globe.

  • 2013 Toronto
  • 2014 Budapest
  • 2015 TBA – information coming soon


The competition is a double elimination tournament. All teams compete daily until reaching championship or double elimination.

Even after being eliminated, these teams continue to play for both pride and experience.

The winning team receives a trophy cup. Coaches and athletes receive a medal, each.

As in the Olympic games, winners are designated by their finishing position: Gold for 1st, Silver for 2nd and Bronze for 3rd.

The Most Valuable Player of each game is chosen and awarded the MVP medal.



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